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Transshipment of fuel oil on the Clients request and loading it on the provided vessel is one of the main field of activities of Nevsky Mazut. The service encompasses the receipt of the fuel oil via railway, railway tank-cars testing, discharge into tanks, loading of the product into the tanker in the port of St Petersburg. The petroleum products with the flash point more than 60C (close cup) are welcome for transshipment.

Nevsky Mazut tank-farm

Nevsky Mazut, Transshipment, Nevsky Mazut tank-farmTotal tank capacity - 3 tanks, total volume 15 000 cub m.
Total pipeline length - 3 km
Two railway discharge racks for 24 railway tank-cars
Two gutters, heated by coils, for receipt of fuel oil from the railway tank-cars, total capacity 1500 cub m
The sealed lower discharge for 12 railway tank-cars
1 km of railway, coming through the terminal
Two loading racks for tank -trucks
Pumping house, equipped with screw pumps, total capacity 1200 cub m/hour
The system, which allows washing out the railway tank-cars with high pressurized hot fuel oil for 24 railway tank-cars
Two inline blenders

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