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History of the company

In 1894 Eastern Society founded in St Petersburg the Kerosene Warehouses of the Eastern Society. Modern tank-farm Nevsky Mazut is located on this very spot. In 2004 there was the 110 anniversary celebrated. Unfortunately during Soviet era, when the planned economy was ruling, there was not much attention paid to the rational management. Not much improvement was also observed during 90ies, and by 2000 the tank-farm was almost stopped.

However, after the new management team, who did focus on modern management methods, efficient product handling and attention to ecological issues, entered the terminal, it started operating. The substantial amount of investment allowed fully renovation of the pipeline system, pumping house and railway discharge rack. The receipt and discharge of first railway tank-cars with fuel oil took place on 22nd January 2001 and was the result of enormous reconstruction. That was the moment when the new history of the terminal started. The cargo throughput increase was exponential - from 16500 mt in 2001 up to 600000 in 2005.

Leningradskaya centralnaya gorodskaya neftebaza
(Leningrad central city tank-farm)

In the beginning of 2003 the project of re-equipment of the tank-farm for storage of distillate products was approved, and the construction of the modern terminal was started in summer 2003.

Nevsky Mazut, Bunkering, History of the companyBy the end of 2004 the construction was finished, commissioning took about half a year. At presence Leningradskaya centralnaya gorodskaya neftebaza is the most modern tank-farm in St Petersburg. Fully automated control of the tank-farm from the operator's desk: opening and closing of the gate valves, switching on pumps, loading the truck-tanks.

The tank-farm is equipped with the radar level meters, reporting to the operator's desk the tank's ullages; flow densitometers; aluminum pontoons; fully automated fire foam fighting system.

The tank-farm is encompassed with beton square, which shall protect the environment in case of any emergency.


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